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Supplier Opportunities with L&D Mastermind

 Approved Supplier Directory

As an L&D professional, it can be difficult to find high-quality, innovative L&D training providers that you can trust. You understand the struggle so help your training professionals find success by letting them know what you can offer them. No longer will you have trouble reaching your target market and advertising your training supplies when you create a free listing using our services.

At L&D Mastermind, we have thousands of E-learning and L&D professionals hungry to learn about the latest technologies and ways of working. It’s a ready-made audience brought to you and will enable you to build trusted relationships over time.

Are you looking to advertise and showcase an LMS system, LXP platform, or Training Venues? Then continue reading to learn how we can help you increase traffic and sales to your business.

What’s Included in Your Paid Listing

For just £250 per annum, you, too, can be an L&D Mastermind Approved Supplier.

Below is a summary of what your paid listing with us will include:

·         A large listing with colour logo to stand out in the supplier directory

·         Company profile page with company description and story

·         List of services/products

·         Contact names

·         Telephone number

·         Website link/address

·         Social media links

·         Email address

·         L&D Mastermind Approved Stamp

The L&D Mastermind Approved Supplier Stamp certifies that the L&D Mastermind team has quality assured you as a supplier, which helps build trust with customers.


Why Choose Us


Working with us is an easy and painless process. As soon as you decide that you’d like to sign up for a paid listing as a supplier, our team will get you set up immediately. You’ll soon experience a surge in interest of your products or services and can begin to build relationships with your target market.

 Supplier Directory – Free Listing

As a training provider, you know how challenging it can be to find targeted prospects. We make it easy for you to get in front of a large audience of learning and development professionals who are looking for innovative and trustworthy products and services. 


L & D Mastermind - Approved Supplier

Benefits of Joining the Free Supplier Directory

Do you have an LMS system, LXP platform, or Training Venues to showcase? Then we invite you to come and work with us. It’s free of charge to list your business with us. You can start connecting with your target market and growing your business immediately. Below is what you’ll receive when you create a listing with us:

·         Company profile page

·         List of services/products

·         Contact names

·         Telephone number

·         Email address

Next Steps

Are you ready to get in front of your target market and increase sales of your products or services? Then get in touch with us today to begin drafting your free listing to ensure as an L&D supplier that the right people are seeing your offerings. It won’t be long before you’re experiencing all the benefits of choosing to create a listing with us.

We look forward to working with you and hearing from you soon!


£ 250 Per annum
  • Larger listing with Company Name & Colour Logo, List of services/products, Contact Names, Telephone Number, Website address, Email Address, L&D Mastermind Approved Stamp
  • Company Sales Page with description and sales pitch
  • L&D Mastermind Approved Supplier Stamp – this certifies that L&D Mastermind team have Quality Assured you as a supplier

Free Listing

£ 0 Per annum
  • A listing in the L&D Mastermind Supplier Directory
  • Company Name, List of services/products, Contact names, Telephone Number, Email Address
  • Black & White Listing

EnquirE Now

View Approved Suppliers.

Approved suppliers can advertise relevant products and services to our members for a small fixed fee