Self-care for Learning & Development professionals

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As L&D professionals we focus on giving everyone else what they need to work at their optimal levels, but we do need to check-in with ourselves once in a while, which is why for this month our theme is self-care. In his well-known book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen R. Covey talked about the importance of ‘sharpening the saw’, and to help with that we are bringing you a list of curated content full of resources for L&D professionals. So whether you want to curl up with a good read, listen to a podcast whilst getting some fresh air, or relax with a TED talk, there’s something for everyone!

Sr.No. Resources Details
1 3 Self-care Tips for Learning Leaders During COVID-19 – Training Industry Article from Training Industry
2 Top 10 Ted talks for L&D people
3 Article: Five must reads for L&D professionals — People Matters ( Five must read Articles for L&D professionals
4 Personal Development Plan from mind tools
5 Top tips from Sophia Grainger
6 Top 10 Podcasts for L&D people

This curated list was provided by Rinku Raina, Learning and Development Manager for Cambridge University Information where she is responsible for creating L&D strategy and designing and implementing various L&D initiatives.

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