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I help L&D Professionals to get more creative and more business focussed in providing learning solutions


Founder of How to Accelerate Learning


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I have been in the field of learning and development for over 30 years and I have a passion for helping people perform better through learning. I am a member of the CIPD and have delivered professional CIPD L&D qualifications as well as being a fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute.

With my background as an engineer, I apply the same process thinking to L&D as I did in my former career. Having moved from engineering to IT training, I spent years learning my craft firstly for IBM and later as a freelance IT trainer. This gave me great insights into how to make dry and technical training more dynamic and impactful.

A move into soft skills training in 2003 led me to research accelerated learning. I was particularly drawn to how learning could become more engaging as well as impactful. A frustration that I found with the many models and theories within accelerated learning, prompted me to create a signature system ‘Five Secrets of Accelerated Learning’, which simplifies all relevant theories and models for those curious about accelerating learning through their organisations. Read my latest updates on the 5 Secrets in Training Zone.

My focus is always on achieving business results in a creative and inspiring way. Through Five Secrets, I help people make this structured and simple. A curious mind drives me to seek new innovations and consider how the latest research can be applied. I am a pragmatist with a thirst for learning and sharing with others, with the ultimate aim to elevate the L&D profession. Finding the right data to inform good decision-making is a must in my eyes.

Since 2008, I have been training trainers. Noticing a lack of experience and skill in the area of needs analysis drove me to write my book How to Not Waste Your Money on Training.

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