Re-boarding: Planning for the new normal

Eva McCann · 06/07/2021

Businesses around the world are starting to return to work in what we often term as “the new normal”. The question is, how do you effectively bring your employees back-on-board and ensure they feel safe, secure, and ready to perform – The answer is re-boarding. Re-boarding is sort of like starting your job all over again, think about it as your opportunity to re-energize your employees and make it easy for them to be passionate about working for your business again. In this webinar I will share with you some of the tools and techniques to create a great experience for your people.


  • Identify – purpose of re-boarding and the benefits
  • Explore and Develop – effective re-boarding techniques and develop flexibility
  • Take Action – Communicating and delivering your re-boarding strategy

What we will talk about:

  • Why is it important, isn’t it like coming back from a long holiday? Lets talk about the impact on your people of being away from work for approximately 10 weeks and the impact this has.
  • Social distancing – is your business prepared, have you shared your risk assessment with your people, do you have a Covid policy? Communication is king (or queen!)!!
  • The process starts before your people enter the business, don’t wait until their first day back to start the process, there is so much you can do prior to their return.
  • Glorious data – the richness of data that re-boarding will produce is integral to your people metrics.
  • Safe, secure, engaged people – surely this is what we all want? This won’t happen without re-boarding.
  • The voice! – no, not the talent show but the key to this is giving your people a voice, we won’t get this right straight away policies and procedures around the pandemic are constantly changing which means businesses need to adapt really quickly! Create an employee forum to ensure your people feel involved with this change.

About Lisa Avins:
Lisa is a Learning and Development Manager for ilke Homes. Powered by a passion for people, I am a learning and development manager with a 15-year track record of nurturing, motivating and supporting staff to get the very best from them. After working in the utilities industry for 7 years, I focused my specialism towards the area of high growth start-ups when I joined a health and fitness sector disruptor, establishing and upscaling its training and development programme. I was drawn to ilke Homes by the company’s sense of social purpose 2 years ago.

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