Navigating the Change Curve

James Hudson · 18/06/2021
Ever wanted to bang your head against a wall, when a team member was steadfastly resisting an unavoidable change? Like now, for example. It’s not like you asked for this pandemic situation either, and there isn’t exactly much that any of you can do about it, so why are they giving you such a hard time?!
Okay, breathe. Let’s face it, they’re probably not resisting the change. It’s likely they want to adapt just as much as you want them to – but they need help.
This session will explore the unavoidable emotional and psychological consequences of change, and how you can support employees through them.
1. Understand that change curve that influences employee behaviour
2. Explore the pulse of change that determines when employees should reach each stage of the change curve
3. Discuss your role in assisting employees to adapt to change, and share techniques you have found effective
What we will talk about:
o When team members fail to “get on board” with change it can be tough for leaders and project managers to accept. Especially at times, like the current pandemic, when change is so clearly unavoidable and adapting well is so obviously critical to business success.
o Because an employee’s failure to adapt to change in an effective way and a timely manner can have a detrimental impact on performance, it can be perceived as stubbornness, insubordination or misconduct. Often, however, the failure to adapt well has little to do with the employees attitude – they simply lack the information, tools and time required to come to terms with the change.
o This session will explore the unavoidable emotional consequences of change. We will explore the change curve, the pulse of change, and techniques that encourage cognitive flexibility and resilience encourage effective adoption of workplace changes.
About Kathy:
Kathy Tomlinson is an Organizational Effectiveness Evangelist. She specializes in scalable blended learning, manager and leader development, performance management and employee engagement. Currently working for the People and Culture Team in a rapidly growing tech firm she has responsibility for the planning and adoption of strategic changes across a global organization.

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