Living your highest values

LD · 06/07/2021

What we will cover:

• Discovering your own personal highest values and creating a strategy for living them all the time

• Connecting up your values and purpose to a super-motivating, joy-igniting driving force, so that the old battle with willpower is simply not required.

• Recoding your life, eliminating procrastination and fear and being who REALLY are, unapologetically.

About Emma Shaw:
Emma, aka, The Mindset Barista, is a bad influence helping stifled professionals who are ready to rebel, escape the corporate sludge, and take a leap of faith into a free-range life on their terms. She coaches and mentors people to reprogramme their inner world so that they can recode their outer world into the reality they really dream of.
She hangs out on LinkedIn and welcomes all new connections, especially from budding rule-breakers.
She also has a YouTube channel (The Mindset Barista) where she’s known for journaling her most honest, status-quo swerving thoughts about the world.

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