Getting your mind in the game

LD · 06/07/2021

Webinar outcomes:
– Learn how to set your mind and use it to transition in a time where careers and employment are not secure
– Setting goals with proper and proven methods to track them
– Begin a mindset practice tailored to you

About Courtney Davis:
Courtney is a former Corporate Sales Executive & Sales Trainer Current High-level Business Consultant & Mindset Coach for International Entrepreneurs & Business Owners. She has over 10 years of experience in corporate, training new & seasoned sales executives after managing a successful 7-figure book of business.

Courtney has decided to walk out of corporate, dye her hair purple and started her business. The biggest thing she has seen direct reports and other business owners struggle with was the lack of mindset work to accomplish their goals. This is where her calling found her. She left behind that big girl job to impact the world as a woman with purpose that is changing minds for a living.

Website is
Instagram & ticktok @courtnaje

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