5 Steps to being resilient

LD · 06/07/2021

Purpose of the webinar:
To build personal resilience by helping you to understand your emotions, and manage them in a more effective and sustainable way.

By the end of this webinar you will be able to:• Describe the science behind why you get stressed and what happens in the brain when you’re stressed
• Spot your signs that you are stressed sooner, so that you can take back control and minimize the risk of burning-out
• Use 5 science-based techniques to manage and diffuse your emotions better, so you can overcome set-backs quicker
• Manage your energy, not just your time, so you can be more productive under pressure

About Steph Tranter:
Steph is a hybrid Executive Coach (merging the worlds of coaching and therapy). Her background is in Retail and Leadership Development, and since setting up her Executive coaching business nearly 10 years ago, she has worked with CEOs and their Leadership teams across a variety of industries and sectors. Steph specialises in helping Senior Directors who have reached a crossroads in their career to figure out where to go next. However, she has found that the conversations are never just about their career, and one of the topics she regularly supports her clients with is managing stress and building personal resilience. This webinar contains the five activities that Steph has found have consistently made the biggest impact on her clients’ ability to be resilient.

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