5 Secrets of Accelerated Learning

LD · 06/07/2021

If you ever wanted to know more about how accelerated learning and how to apply it, then in this interactive webinar Krystyna Gadd will share her 5 secrets. Easy to follow, interactive and unmissable! Krys is using the fantastic online collaboration tool MURAL as a way to deliver this.

By the end, the participants will have at least one way in which they can apply each of the 5 secrets to the learning they deliver:

• How to get business focussed and learner centred objectives
• How to facilitate and not train
• How to inject variety into your learning
• How to create an atmosphere conducive to learning
• Some brain stuff to help learning stick

About Krystyna Gadd:
Krystyna is founder of How to Accelerate Learning and her focus is always on achieving business results in a creative and inspiring way. Through Five Secrets, she helps people make this structured and simple. A curious mind drives her to seek new innovations and consider how the latest research can be applied. She is a pragmatist with a thirst for learning and sharing with others, with the ultimate aim to elevate the L&D profession. Finding the right data to inform good decision-making is a must in her eyes.

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