4 Pillars of Training Design

Eva McCann · 06/07/2021

This time with Sheridan Webb we will be speaking about getting the foundation right when designing training.

What’s that about:
• Stop over-complicating training! Focus on the four pillars of training design to get it right every time.
• What do you do when you can’t rely on your instincts and facilitation skills when planning training?
• Design training that delivers maximum impact in minimum time
• The latest software package or app won’t design great training for you. Only YOU can do that. Learn how in this session.
• Make training design easy by following a simple process
• Ever been disappointed by a training session that was all sizzle and no substance? Make sure your sessions engage AND educate.

• Explain why they may be making training design harder for themselves than it should be
• Follow a process to design an effective training session in the shortest time possible
• Use 4 pillars to guide training design and ensure its success
• Maximise engagement in the simplest way possible

We’ll be looking at:
• What training design is and isn’t.
• Common mistakes that people make.
• A simple but robust process to design effective training of all kinds – Virtual, F2F or online
• For pillars that underline ALL great training sessions.

About Sheridan Webb:
Sheridan is a learning and development consultant, designer and facilitator with over 20 years’ experience. Based near Liverpool in the UK, she has been running her own learning and development businesses for 15 years.
She is the owner of the Training Designer’s Club – a membership group based in the UK that supports L&D professionals with the design of their own training programmes through community, collaboration, coaching and courses. Founded just last year, the community is growing and provides an invaluable service to L&D professionals who value having a virtual team around them, or just want to continuously develop their skills.
Her other businesses are Keystone Development and Training Ltd and Power Hour Training.
Keystone Development and Training Ltd is a consultancy that focuses on creating practical, bespoke L&D solutions typically in the area of management training and leadership development for first and second-line leaders, and also designing induction programmes. Recent clients include Costain, Johnson’s Workwear, Warburtons and Keolis-Amey Metrolink.
Power Hour Training provides ready-written materials for bite-size sessions in a range of topics, but mostly management, leadership, communication and personal effectiveness topics. All offered in editable format and without complicated licencing arrangements.
A long time ago, Sheridan took a degree in Mathematics and Management Sciences. However, she is not particularly mathematical! Training is as much art as it is science, and she aims to bring both to her approach.

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