10 Top Tips for Online Facilitation

James Hudson · 02/06/2021

Krystyna Gadd has been doing online training for more years than she can care to remember and was even part of a pilot virtual classroom programme with IBM in the 90’s. Previously not a huge fan, in the last few years she has grown to love it and can see how you can make it just as impactful as face to face. These tips come from experience and will give you a chance to brainstorm with others what your approach should be. No time to snooze in her session, but get your sleeves rolled up and participate!

Krystyna is founder of How to Accelerate Learning and author of ‘How Not To Waste Your Money On Training’. Her engineering background and creativity give her sessions an unmistakable quality. Combining a practical no-nonsense approach, Krys has the ability to make the driest of subjects accessible and practical. Her love of the L&D profession shines through all she does and to this end she has worked with L&D professionals, trainers, facilitators, line managers and subject matter experts to help them become more performance focused and creative. In her 30+ years in L&D she has worked as an IT trainer, soft skills trainer and now consultant in her own consultancy in the UK. Her experience has been broad spanning all sectors and industries. 

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