Change is Your Friend, Not a Despair

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Change is a brilliant opportunity to grow. Embrace your change. Easily said, however not that easily done…

This year brought many changes to L&D world. We needed to adapt, adjust, and innovate. Many L&D professionals lost their jobs and had to put themselves back on the market. A difficult change requiring leaving their comfort zone and start driving towards the unknown.

I come from Retail, the environment where change is inevitable, part of our daily business. Change is literally “served for breakfast” in Retail.

For some, change is a relatively easy process. It is in fact an opportunity. For some, change can be petrifying. If change is forced upon us, something we did not sign up for, it is even harder. Despite the fact it can be tough, I am a big believer that if we embrace change, then the transformation is an amazing ride with success at the end.

I would like to offer you my 4 part “NAIL” it framework I use for myself and people I work with in groups and individually. You might find some inspiration there.

What is NAIL?

N stands for: New ground

When the heavy, petrifying feeling takes over, we feel destabilised. We need to grab control back and regain stability. Trying to solve things immediately is not going to work.

This first step will help to calm your spinning mind. Reconnect and take charge of your body, to make facing the situation in front of you so much easier.

Reconnecting to my body to me literally means to stand up, take several deep breaths, move, do 5 to 10 squats. Even better, go for a walk or a run or to the gym. It might sound silly but that little act has a massive impact.

Try it. That pressure on your chest when you feel overwhelmed? Just stand up and take a deep breath. Feel the sensation for yourself!

A stands for: Allow emotions

There was a time in my life when I would not show my emotions. I pushed my emotions away. To be honest I was afraid of them. Strong people are not emotional I was told. This is so wrong in my opinion. Emotions and feelings are part of life. They are much, much stronger than logic.

Being able to allow your emotions (rather than trying to push them down) and then processing them is critical to your success. Processing emotions does not mean being self-indulgent, entertaining the negativity or playing the victim. It is about giving yourself the space to embrace your emotions. To name them. Feel them in your body as they imprint into our physical torso.

Nevertheless, do not confuse your emotions with who you are as a person. Recognize them, “cuddle” them and, although they inhabit us, we kindly let them go. Remember we are in control.

Emotions are like any situation; they come and go. Like bad weather, after a thunderstorm, the sun comes out.

I stands for: Invincible mindset

Our thoughts create our feelings. Change what you think, and you change how you feel. I hear you, again easy to say but… But we have already managed to gain control and allow emotions and we will nail this one too.

Your mindset is your superpower. It can be a loyal servant or a dreadful slave master. We want to master our mind so that it serves us. Switch off the autopilot option and be in charge of your thoughts.

The thoughts in our head are like a very fast F1 race. There are tools out there to help us to slow down this chase. I would like to suggest a very small process to conquer your thoughts and put yourself in full charge and control. I think you will love it!

This is how it goes:

  • A thought arrives, you check, analyse, and evaluate it.
  • Does it serve me? Does it make me feel good? Will I keep it and elaborate on it?
  • Or is this one ready to be tossed away as it is only blocking my growth?

Be the master not the servant of your mind.

L stands for: Line up your fix

Now, you are in control of your body, your emotions, and your mind it’s time to fix the challenge we are facing. Line up your structured, step-by-step action plan.

This is practical stuff. The exact tools could contain:

  • Spreadsheets to do the numbers game aka understand your financial fears.
  • SWOT analyses to review your skills.
  • Or unleash your hidden talents and gems of yours.

The fixing part is about our discipline and willingness to action. And it is very individual. Each of us requires a different approach or steps to follow.

My last recommendation: do not do it alone. There are many people that can guide us, offer a supporting hand or be the tree we can lean on if we stumble.

Friends and family can serve us as listeners to let us clear our chest. An accountability buddy can be the support and tough love combo which works wonders. There are coaches, mentors and therapists who can assist us.

The important thing is: Whatever you decide to do, do it your way. Choose your pace and path based on how it fits you and your needs.

Let me know how you did. Get in touch if you would like to talk more. Personal development is the pinnacle of L&D for me and I can talk about it for hours J.

Enjoy it. Have fun & stay yourself.

Petra Crampton

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