We are a vibrant learning and development consultancy that designs and delivers tailored training solutions to develop new skills and help inspire you to achieve results.

With over 37 years of experience within the business, in design, delivery and evaluation we pride ourselves in offering engaging learning experiences for businesses, teams and individuals across a range of secto

Diane Banister

Mobile: 0845 450 0988
Email: help@intelligentdialogue.co.uk
Web: www.intelligentdialogue.co.uk

Intelligent Dialogue specialise in tailored training and development programmes that bring confidence, action and results.

As one client says recently “this is done with us, not to us”. We get exceptional levels of buy in and focus on the outcomes from the training not just the training itself.

We’re also the home to in Tune training materials – everything you need to run your own bitesize customer service training sessions.

Jacky Matthews

Mobile:07799 068 007
Email: info@jmcoachingwestmids.com
Web: www.jmcoachingwestmids.com


At JM Coaching I am passionate about helping people to achieve more than their own expectations. I am motivated by client’s successes and their happiness!


My two main areas of work include: – Helping clients get a job they really love, find rewarding, and reflects their true ability, not just what they think they can achieve. – Helping managers to improve their skills to develop a team t

Anthony Howell
Tel: 07772 028213
Email: ant@lilachowell.com
Web: https://lilachowell.com/

We are a visual communications company that specialises in film production, film training and creative design.
Meaning, we create engaging content that help our clients communicate more effectively with their audience.

So, we produce all types of film – from 30-secs adverts to 10-min training aids – and everything in-between – for use across multiple platforms and channels, on and offline.

We run interactive and engaging workshops on how to use your Smartphone, or digital camera to create great visual content in-house.

And we create eye-catching designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

All of which is bound together by our strategic know-how in marketing and communications, built on 35 years’ experience in the industry.

That’s us – Lilac Howell Films – making communications better.

Sheridan Webb

Mobile: 07803 165 780
Email: powerhourtraining@gmail.com
Web: www.power-hour.co.uk

Power Hour training materials have been designed by professional trainers to allow to run effective bite-size and brain-friendly training workshops without spending ages on design. Designed to be run in 60 minutes, they allow you to deliver a short, sharp and interactive training session with minimum preparation via our detailed downloadable materials.

There are 50 topics available covering:
Management skills including performance management, leading meetings, giving feedback, setting objectives and delegation.
Personal Effectiveness such as plan your time, assertiveness, handle difficult people, build effective working relationships, an introduction to emotional intelligence, resilience and communication.

Leadership skills including build a high performing team, leading different characters, influencing people, motivate and engage people and persuasive presentations
All materials are offered in an editable format and include a detailed session plan, delegate workbook, slides, handouts and a key points sheet. Topics were written for a face-to-face environment, but some topics have been redesigned to reflect delivery via virtual means.

You can download a complete session – Shape the Future – for FREE on the website. This not only provides a valuable training session but also shows you EXACTLY what you get when you purchase a set of materials for as little as £40. L&D Mastermind members get an extra 10% off by using the coupon code LNDMMD10.

Stephen Bruce

Mobile: (+)44 20 4525 1199
Email: stephen.bruce@myskillcamp.com
Web: myskillcamp.com

We help you create an interactive training hub filled with multimedia content. Whether you upload, create on-site or choose courses from our online marketplace, you’ll soon be training all your learners effortlessly.

Myskillcamp also offers analytics, chat, reviews, and over 300,000 courses in over 18 languages. Whatever your industry, how ever many learners you have, create a personalised training

Rob Moors
Mobile: 07764 487 892
Email: rob@robmoors.com
Web: www.robmoors.com

My Vision was born from reflection about my 20 years in L&D; underlined by ten restructures, 5 of which leading to redundancy.

My reflection was two-fold:

1. Why do I keep bothering?
2. Why are L&D always the ones to go?

I interviewed L&D and non-L&D managers, with a consistent theme emerging: L&D value to the business often isn’t visible, or doesn’t exist; and if it isn’t visible, it might as well not

Nikki J. Owen

Email: info@thehealinghub.uk
Web: thehealinghub.uk

The Healing Hub works with organisations and individuals to beat stress and manage anxiety and overwhelm using a quick and cost-effective system proven to work.

You too can join the forward-thinking organisations who already work in partnership with The Healing Hub and Stressbusting Expert, Nikki J. Owen, and offer you and your employees an alternative way to eliminate the negative effects of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

You can proactively support your employees to:

· Reduce stress and anxiety in just 10 minutes
· Manage the challenges of home working and homeschooling
· Improve quality of sleep
· Improve morale, motivation and working relationships
· Improve attendance and engagement at work
· Increase productivity

To find out more, book your free place on the next showcase masterclass:

Scott Hunter

Phone: 07812 695 283

Email: scott@theinnovatecrowd.com
Web: theinnovatecrowd.com

Influence to Innovate – Our signature service is supporting L&D professionals to build their personal brand within their organisation. Leveraging this to deliver innovative solutions that add value. Helping them to be perceived as a trusted strategic advisor.

Culture – Team based workshops that support building and maintaining inclusive, safe and innovative cultures. Helping L&D professionals to accelerate change at scale and deliver the outcomes for their organisations to thrive

Strategy- Powered by the Xchange approach to help develop a shared purpose and create an agreed future vision. Unlocking the creative genius within the group to create a clear way forward. Helping L&D facilitate and create organisational strategy.

20% Discount for LDM members

Discover you influential leadership score. Take the FREE Assessment https://il-learning.theinnovatecrowd.com/

Hannah Joyce

Mobile: 07977 008 010
Email: help@upskillmarketplace.com
Web: www.upskillmarketplace.com

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect trainer for your organisation. With Upskill Marketplace you can have access to thousands of highly qualified trainers at the touch of a button with Upfront Pricing & Public Reviews. We are passionate about Upskilling and wanted to create a platform for trainers and businesses to connect. We believe that learning should have no limits! Sign up f